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"The Line" Goose Installation

A simple, yet whimsical urban transformation through a high-traffic walking path. Bringing joy and creativity to the heart of Charlotte's South End neighborhood.

Introduction: I couldn't help but notice "The Line," a new mixed-use office tower in my neighborhood, South End, Charlotte. It stood tall, big, shiny, and new. As I walked past this development daily, taking the new shortcut it created to the "Rail Trail", something caught my eye. There was this peculiar metal pipe with a long neck and unmistakable S shape, topped off with a black, beak-shaped vent. It looked like a goose - there was no denying it.

Identifying the Opportunity: The sight of the goose-shaped pipe amidst the modern surroundings intrigued me. The contrast between this industrial element and the vibrant neighborhood sparked an idea. I saw an opportunity to inject creativity and playfulness into the urban landscape, making our city a more enjoyable and engaging place for passerbys.

The Installation: At that moment, I opened the Amazon app on my phone and bought the biggest eyes I could find. Two days later, with a plan in mind, I headed to Lowes Hardware to purchase a 6-foot ladder and some safety gear. Disguised as a construction worker, I quickly adhered the giant googly eyes to the metal surface, ensuring the connection would be strong enough to withstand the elements. The once mundane pipe had quickly and simply transformed into an endearing and captivating urban landmark.

Impact on the Community: As days went by, I was delighted to see the impact of "The Goose Installation" on the community. The whimsical goose art became a beloved sight in South End, sparking conversations, eliciting smiles, and encouraging pictures and selfies from people of all ages. I witnessed how this simple act of creativity brightened the day of those walking by, adding a touch of joy and wonder to their daily commutes.

Conclusion: "The Goose Project" reflects my belief in the power of art to transform everyday spaces into extraordinary experiences. By seizing the opportunity to turn an industrial pipe into a lovable character, I have been able to contribute to the spirit of creativity in my neighborhood. The installation stands as a reminder of how public art can foster a sense of connection, playfulness, and delight within our community, leaving a positive impact on those who encounter it.

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