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Up Next: Sidewalk Speedway

An interactive art project where recycled Amazon delivery cubes become colorful racers on a sidewalk chalk racetrack, inspiring play, creativity, and community engagement.

Introduction: Sidewalk Speedway is an imaginative and interactive art project envisioned by Grayson Sands, seeking to transform used Amazon delivery cubes into exciting game pieces that inspire creativity and community engagement. With the blend of fun characters and a racetrack-like chalk setup on a wide sidewalk, Grayson aims to ignite curiosity and create a shared experience of interactive art.

Project Concept and Execution: The project revolves around large cubes, once utilized by Amazon employees for deliveries but abandoned due to wear and tear. The cubes will be placed on a wide strip of sidewalk which will have a race track outlined by chalk. The cubes are painted vibrant red, yellow, and blue to enhances visual allure, each adorned with distinctive characters and themes to give users preferences. One cube showcases recognizeable Apple emojis, another displays iconic Charlotte city symbols, while the last exudes playfulness with cartoon fruits.

Engagement and Play: As the installation unfolds, the transformed cubes will undoubtedly stand out on the sidewalk. The magic of the Sidewalk Speedway comes alive when curious individuals become active participants in this spontaneous experience. Similar to a large-scale board game, each passerby will be allowed to push their box of choice one time, moving it closer to the finish line. The rules are outlined simply and clearly with chalk at the start line.

Conclusion: The Sidewalk Speedway project emerges as a vibrant fusion of interactive art, community engagement, and spontaneous play. By recycling used Amazon delivery cubes into colorful game pieces, Grayson successfully creates an environment of excitement and unity.

This project will go live this week, beginning Tuesday, August 1st.

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